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Tips to Stop Drug Cravings

If you are ready to quit drugs, or find help for your drug addiction, the best thing you can do is seek drug addiction treatment. It is important you do this when you are ready, and when you are… you will be able to escape the vicious cycle of addiction.

If you are attempting to quit drugs at your own comfort level, please consider these following tips that will help you fight drug cravings.

  • Make a list of your reasons to quit. Carry this list at all times, and whenever you feel tempted… consult with your list.
  • Be firm! When a friend is offering you drugs, "just say no" and leave. Be rude if necessary.
  • Use substitutes. Snacks such as candy, gum, trail mix, etc. will offer a distraction and pass the time when you are struggling with a craving.
  • Ask a good friend to be your support. When you have a moment of weakness, turn to this friend for help.
  • Study meditation, where you will learn the art of resisting temptations.
  • Exercise and eat a healthy diet. Feeling fit will physically weaken any drug cravings…
  • Consult with your doctor, or your local drug rehab center, to discuss your weaknesses and develop a personalized strategy to overcome drug cravings.

For more tips on overcoming drug cravings and how to quit drugs, please contact Axis at (866)900-2947.

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